Bioart Dentures Scotland

Bioart Dentures are our state-of-the-art range.This is where we take our Phonares 2 multi-shade range and say to ourselves “How far could we take this?

”Basically, if a patient had never lost their teeth, they would have a dental history. Fillings, staining, cracks, imperfections and a lifetime of wear and tear.

All these features can be added and it becomes less of a denture and more of a prosthetic work of art
The example above is a before and after of a 30-year-old denture we replaced. Her old denture was broken and extremely worn. The patient still had her own natural teeth. We used these as a guide, adding staining and fake amalgam fillings to the denture, the resulting prosthesis is quite remarkable in its natural appearance.

Below is the smile. Full face not used to protect the patient’s privacy.