full dentures highlands

Full Dentures Highlands

If you are looking for Full Dentures highlands then this is one of the possible treatment
options after losing your own natural teeth.
Below are some FAQ’s on the commonly asked questions.

We provide full dentures Highlands

Full dentures are a removable tooth replacement option for when you have no natural teeth remaining, which means that they are not permanently fixed in your mouth. You will need to remove them when you sleep and to clean them. As they are not fixed in place, you will always get some movement. This also depends upon how much bone you have – a general rule of thumb is that the more bone you have, the better the dentures stay in.
We are a leading provider of full dentures in the highlands. We have served customers from Aviemore, Edinburgh & Glasgow

How long do full dentures take to make?

Complete dentures normally take four to six weeks to make. If you are in a rush, we can speed up the process.
What’s the fastest you can make a set of complete dentures?
We will always do our best to accommodate your needs and if everything is booked in advance. The speed often depends upon your individual situation, whether you have a current set of dentures, and our availability. Normally 5 appointments are required  a week apart.
Will I need to use fixative? How will I know how good the dentures will be?
Everyone’s mouth is different and some people have a very good bony ridge that the dentures can sit on, whereas others have a very resorbed (shrunk) ridge. The more bone you have, the better the dentures will stay in.
In addition to your bone, other factors also make a difference:
Another thing we do during complete denture consultations is look at your current dentures to see how much of an improvement we can make. These are some of the things we look at:
 Which teeth do you use?
full dentures in the highlands
The above photo is an example  of  Multi-shade Phonares 2  Dentures using composite wrap tissue.
We use a few different varieties depending on which teeth would best suit your budget..
For our top range cases we will use Ivoclar Vivodent Phonares 2 teeth. Other types we can use include:
        Ivoclar Vivodent DCL     
EnigmaSchottlander 4 Nature

We can offer 5 different teeth and material options depending on budget and suitability
How long will the dentures last?
Seven years is a good time for dentures to last; after that, they begin to show signs of wear and tear, although the top range dentures we produce can easily last 10 years plus. There are always exceptions with patient factors to consider,some patients can be extremely hard on their dentures. Some patients can keep their dentures for much longer if they are wearing well, even going on to keep them beyond 15 years.
What happens if I lose weight or my mouth changes?
Losing weight does not normally affect the fit of dentures ; however, if you have a lot of weight loss and your mouth changes, we can do something called relining.
Learn whether complete dentures are right for you?
At Dentures by Matthew, the first and most important step is a thorough examination and consultation with Matthew J Donnachie RDT CDT DipCDTRcs(Eng)  Matthew can assess you and show you complete dentures, before and after photos, discuss complete denture options, cost and other teeth replacement options as required. Matthew can also refer you to another dental professional if required.
How Much Do Dentures Cost Privately UK? well we have so many options available for various requirements, it's best to get in touch with Dentures by Matthew to arrange an insightful consultation.
Before and after using Ivoclar Vivodent DCL 
dentures highlands
Below is a recent Phonares 2 Full denture case where we replaced dentures which were 30 years old. Restoring both teeth and facial suport, resulting in an extremely natural outcome
dentures in the highlands